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PPI Claims UK Can Help with your Mis Sold PPI Claim

There is no doubt that the payment protection insurance (PPI) scandal has been the biggest story of the year. As things stand more than four million people have made PPI compensation claims, and thousands more are expected to follow. Anyone who has taken out a mortgage, a loan or credit card, or any form of credit agreement may be affected, and many of these have been paying into a mis-sold policy. At PPI Claims UK we have already claimed successfully for thousands of clients, and we are perfectly placed to help you with your claim.

Furthermore, in addition to claiming back your PPI fees we will also try and claim back unfair credit card charges over the last six years, and it is all part of the service. We have also made it easy to claim as all you have to do is fill in the short online form and we will call you back at when it is convenient for you.

Why You Should Use PPI Claims UK

At PPI Claims UK we know that many people are reluctant to use a claims management company and, while we acknowledge that you can make a claim on your own, we are confident that we offer expertise that can make the claims process easier for you. While we handle your claim, you can get on with the rest of your life!

These are good reasons why you should use us:

 We have a team of PPI CLAIMS SPECIALISTS who are there to give your claim the exclusive attention it requires.

 We DO NOT CHARGE UPFRONT FEES -  We consider upfront fees to unfair and never ask for anything in advance.

 Our NO WIN NO FEE deal guarantees you will not be asked to pay if your PPI claim is rejected

 There are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS – If you cannot find the paperwork needed for your claim, we will pay for copies to be obtained from your lender, with no cost for you.

 You get a DEDICATED CASE HANDLER who will keep you informed of the progress of your claim.

At PPI Claims UK we have so far made many thousands of successful claims and we are committed to providing top class customer service. All of our work is within the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Justice.



PPI Explained

We understand that there are many terms and phrases used in conjunction with PPI and financial products that can be hard to understand, so let’s have a look at the subject in more detail.

How the PPI Scandal Began

In 2005 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) began an investigation into the alleged mis-selling of PPI policies. It was discovered that mis-sold PPI was, in fact, commonplace and widespread. In 2007 the authorities revised the rules surrounding the sale of PPI, and levied heavy fines on some of the perpetrators. In 2009 it was declared illegal for banks and other lenders to sell single rate PPI policies, and in 2011 the High Court ruled in agreement with the FSA, meaning the lenders were obliges to pay back mis sold policy fees.

PPI Provisions and Fines

After the High Court ruling the banks were forced to put aside over £13billion to pay back fees on mis-sold PPI. Of this, at least £5billion is for claims against the Lloyds Banking Group. Mis-sold PPI was not restricted to the banks, as there were many retailers selling goods on credit who also mis-sold PPI. If you have been mis-sold PPI it is your basic legal right to make a claim, and you can choose use professionals who offer expertise in claims law, or you can put your claim yourself.

How Much May I Be Awarded??

The size, duration and type of credit agreement that is attached to your PPI policy will influence the amount you may be awarded. For example, the average payout is around £3000, but we do know of at least on claim that amounted to more than £50,000.

You can use online PPI Calculators to get an estimate of the possible payout you may be entitled to.


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